Why long-distance running and CrossFit are an inseparable duo

Why long-distance running and CrossFit are an inseparable duo

Spring is coming. Everyone craves sunlight and oxygen. What could be more satisfying than putting on your running shoes and going for an hour’s walk in the spring sun with your nose in the wind?

The article below from ‘The CrossFit Journal’ shows, based on the experiences of marathon runner Karly Wilson, that CrossFit and improved performance in long endurance sports go hand in hand. So for anyone who wants to participate in the Ten Miles of Antwerp or any other running event in the spring, below you can read all the reasons why CrossFit plays a very important role in that.

I have highlighted some quotes, you can read the full article here keep on running!

“the upper body might not seem relevant to marathon runners, but those muscles help the body get rid of the lactate, reducing fatigue.”

“Not one athlete I have ever coached has gotten weaker by incorporating running.”

“trained muscle groups can help clear lactate produced by working muscles.”

“If a marathoner wants to improve their overall work capacity, they must look at their entire body as a unit,”

“Building strength in the entire body also helps create stability”

“CrossFit athletes are often great at producing speed and power, and many have improved overall athleticism by increasing their endurance and stamina.”

“CrossFit athletes are not endurance specialists, but many perform very well in”

“Strengthening ligaments, tendons and muscles throughout the body can help a long-distance runner support the body’s structure and stay efficient even under fatigue”

“Another advantage of muscle is force absorption. The body absorbs three to four times the runner’s body weight with every step. Building strength helps the body absorb that force, reducing fatigue and preventing injury. Further, trained muscles produce force quickly and efficiently, which reduces ground contact time and improves overall speed as runners are propelled through the air.”

“My posture has changed the way that I breathe, how I hold my core. Everything has changed in gaining that muscle, and it hasn’t hindered me at all,” Wilson said.

“I wish I would have known about CrossFit when I first started,” Wilson said, “I want people to know that this is a great way to train for a marathon.”