CrossFit for Business

The fitness of employees is often dramatic.

They do more and more sedentary work, they hardly leave their computers and they move too little after work. Less than a quarter regularly engage in physical activity, which causes problems.

There are all kinds of health risks lurking

If the health and fitness of employees does not improve, health risks are lurking, such as poor fitness, stress, RSI, chronic conditions, increasing absenteeism,… This also has consequences for absenteeism within your company.

Why let your employees exercise?

Productivity increases by no less than 12%
20 days less absenteeism over 4 years
More than 50% of employees like it as a reward

Let your employees become healthier and more productive

By exercising at least twice a week under the supervision of a professional coach, you ensure that the health and fitness of your employees increases again. A training is always done in group and lasts 45 to 60 minutes

CrossFit for businesses offers many benefits

  • Exercising together creates more connection.
  • CrossFit leads to less absenteeism and increased productivity.
  • An employer’s contribution is a nice sporty simulation for your employees.

Our CrossFit sessions take place at our box in Antwerp. If the infrastructure allows it, it is also possible to conduct training on location.

Interested in CrossFit for businesses?

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