Nutritional guidance

Het lichaam van Coppens

Van Hesp Naar Hunk was created after the transformation of the Coppens brothers in the TV program: “Het lichaam van Coppens”.

Staf and Mathias succeeded in transforming their body into a model’s body with a six-pack in 8 weeks. They followed a strict eating schedule drawn up by Marlies Huysentruyt in combination with strength training and a HIIT cardio training.

Unfortunately, you will not get there with only hard training

The transformation of Staf and Mathias once again showed how great the impact of nutrition was during their process.

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Van Hesp Naar Hunk is not a weight loss race or a crash diet. The focus is on health, becoming metabolically flexible and restoring your body’s various mechanisms of action.

By means of personal nutritional advice in combination with CrossFit, you too will be able to reduce your fat percentage, improve your performance and develop a lasting healthy eating pattern in just 8 weeks. We work a little more leniently with the aim of a lasting result.

One of the results of the previous edition

In 8 weeks Bert succeeded in losing 8.2 kg of fat mass. Instead, he gained 1.7 kg of muscle mass. Which resulted in more muscle strength and energy. All this without feeling hungry and a tighter and stronger body.

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Practical information

We expect you to come and work out at CrossFit Moves or at CrossFit Linkeroever at least three days a week. You also do cardio training on an empty stomach one day a week.

After you are registered, we meet with the whole group at CrossFit Moves to measure your body composition using a body scan. It is best to also take your pre-printed information bundle with you via e-mail.

We set a realistic goal and adjust your eating schedule according to your current body composition and the goal you can achieve. A “BEFORE” photo of you will also be taken by the photographer.

After the body scan and the photos have been taken, we sit together for further explanation. You get to know the other group members and together you get an explanation of how to follow your eating schedule. Deep learning gives you more insight into how nutrition can influence the functioning of your body.

You can ask your questions in the closed Facebook group every day from Monday to Friday.

A recipe or extra tips and tricks and more information about the functioning of your body are posted weekly on the Van Hesp Naar Hunk Facebook page. This strengthens the group feeling and ensures higher motivation.

Zoom sessions

The online Zoom sessions will continue together with the other group members. I’ll make adjustments to your eating schedule for the coming week. We will also integrate intermittent fasting and adjust the amount of carbohydrates and proteins according to your needs and progression. A new topic is discussed with every Zoom session so that you also learn more about the impact of a disturbed biorhythm on your fat burning and performance, the functioning of your intestines and low-grade inflammation,…

The zoom meetings are recorded and then posted to the group. This way you can listen to it at a later time if you can’t be there live.

Individual follow-up moments

You can ask your specific questions during your individual follow-up moments. A body scan is also taken to monitor your progress. It is important that you are present at all these follow-up moments because this is valuable information with which we can further fine-tune your feeding schedule.

Live sessions

We also hold two live workshops on intermittent living to give your fat burning an extra boost. These are given by Intermittent Living coaches Johan de Coninck and Ansje Coart from Antwerp Rehab Training.

The cost price for the whole process is 320 euros. For this you get:

  • Nutritional guidance
  • 5/7 coaching
  • 2 online Zoom sessions
  • 3 body scans
  • 2 live workshops on Intermittent Living

The subscription of CrossFit Moves or CrossFit Linkeroever is not included in the price. So don’t forget to take out your 3 month subscription.

Push your boundaries

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