Are you new to CrossFit?

We’re here for you! Our expert and qualified coaches teach you the basics, ensure proper form and technique, and get you sweating in a program that focuses on basic techniques.

On a regular basis we organize sessions in which we go deeper into certain techniques so that we can teach you good habits and safe movements.

What can you expect?


With Basics we take a closer look at the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit. These movements are indispensable for every CrossFit athlete.


With Gymnastics we teach you to refine the necessary gymnastic techniques so that you can improve your performance and reach your goals more quickly!


With the Weightlifting sessions, we teach all our CrossFit athletes the correct technique to perform both simple and complex movements flawlessly.

Push your boundaries

Take your first steps towards a fitter and healthier life. Fully immerse yourself in the world of CrossFit and become part of our tight-knit community!