What if you are injured?

What if you are injured?

Many members wonder what to do if they are hurt: can/may I still come and train CrossFit? Are there alternative training options? Can I exercise with pain? Does it make sense to continue? In the report below I try to provide some clarification:

The coaches at CrossFit Moves try to encourage all our injured members to participate in the WODs anyway, because there are many benefits to working out, even if you have limited options. Exercise creates a positive hormonal stimulation that can influence a whole range of factors from your body weight to your positive state of mind. While the nature of your injury will determine what’s possible, the goal remains the same: try to get as close as possible to all variables in the workout.

Moving pain-free is your main guideline. It’s the coach’s job to adjust the course of a move if you can’t complete it. The best thing is to look for a similar move. The intention is that the movements are and remain varied and challenging.

Even with exercises performed with 1 of the 2 limbs (for example with an injured knee), there will be reduced atrophy (muscle breakdown) in the injured leg. One of the many examples of adapting a combined exercise to a single exercise is: converting a thruster to a front squat or a push press.

Talk to the coaches about it, our paramedically trained team will provide you with professional advice and be creative in finding tailor-made solutions.