Vinnie’s story

Vinnie’s story

From a chubby epicurean to a rock-hard CrossFit athlete, read Vinnie’s story: I’ve been a member of the amazing CrossFit Moves community for two years. In these two years I have become a fitter and happier person. I was therefore very sad when our box had to close in March due to the Corona pandemic.

CrossFit Moves to the rescue! I was afraid that I would soon lose all the progress I had made in the meantime, but then you don’t know CrossFit Moves yet! To get us fit through the lockdown, each member was lent fitness equipment so that we could continue training at home. That was also the case with later lockdowns. Every time I went to get a bar with discs that I then used to keep participating in the WODs and workouts.

Every day I check the CrossFit Moves app to stay informed about which intense training awaits me again. It’s full of fun and varied workouts and the coaches post videos here with text and explanation for each WOD.

I train every day and I owe that to the fantastic team of CrossFit Moves. If I hadn’t had them and the material I certainly wouldn’t get through times of corona so sporty and mentally fit.

Every day I get up with the same goal, to hit another intense workout and to be stronger and fitter than the day before. But at the same time I’m eagerly looking forward to an open CrossFit Moves to see all my friends again, because nothing is more fun than training in a group. But I have all the courage, Corona can’t stop us!

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