Tommie’s story

Tommie’s story

Keeping fit is a must for this man. But with his busy life, this is no sinecure! His solution? 3 hours of CrossFit a week. Read below how Tommie found his happiness and health at CrossFit Moves.

Boardroom boxer, periodontologist, TEDx speaker, entrepreneur, founder and owner of Medipolis Mond, loving husband, father of Lio, boss of Ilias the dog, permanent bon vivant. I’ve always been very sporty. Since my childhood I was quickly drawn to the challenging and competitive nature of sports and joined various clubs. I eventually got into athletics during my college years. I trained every day then. The combination of resistance, explosiveness and power of the 400m was the ultimate competition for me.

Due to a foot injury, I was forced to stop and looked forward to other sports. Every time I needed that challenge to motivate myself to train harder. For example, the mountain bike rides with friends quickly became a participation in the Cape Epic in South Africa. The first racing bike gave way to the streamlined model and I signed up for the Transalp. I also started swimming and my first triathlon was not long in coming.

I had no idea what CrossFit meant, but I was quickly sold on the sport by the excellent guidance of CrossFit Moves.

Due to a busy work schedule, I had less time to exercise. Then I came into contact with CrossFit Moves through friends. I had no idea what CrossFit meant but I was quickly sold on the sport. Thanks to the excellent guidance of CrossFit Moves, the coaches will take you to the limit of your abilities in an hour without it really becoming a competition.

Why did I actually choose CrossFit Moves? The high-intensity and technical combinations were an ideal outlet for me. In addition, the extensive range of different exercises also benefits my own posture and work posture. CrossFit allows me not only to train certain muscle groups, but to become stronger in general.

Many of my colleagues struggle with lower back pain due to the specific work posture. With my CrossFit workouts, those complaints are a thing of the past! In addition, the CrossFit community is the ideal place to make new friends. As a ‘new Antwerp resident’ I ended up at CrossFit Moves in a cool gang.

And… the most beautiful box in town!

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