Ruth-Marie’s story

Ruth-Marie’s story

Sporty, huh? 2 years ago no one would have described me like that. I was certainly active and did sports on my own back then, but that was mainly because I knew it was good for me. And so that I could eat chocolate without feeling guilty. Not because sport was fun. Today my friends, family and colleagues know me as a CrossFit addict. I can’t, and don’t want to, without it anymore. I feel fitter, healthier and more energetic than ever.

It started about a year and a half ago, when I just moved to North Antwerp. My sister had been wanting to try CrossFit for some time and noticed there was a box around my corner. Although we were in pretty good shape, my sister and I were still intimidated by the sight of a barbell with weights. Jumping lunges and downward facing dogs were one thing, but lifting weights? Those doubts turned out to be unnecessary – I can’t be beaten away from the barbells here.

Variety, progress and let off steam

Why is it that someone like me – never been a sports fanatic – is now so addicted to CrossFit? First, it is incredibly varied. No 2 workouts are the same and each workout is in itself a combination of different exercises. That way it rarely gets boring. Second, the exercises are very difficult, but all very scalable. As a result, you can start at any level, but you will always have something to work on, even after years of training. I’ve been working on my pull-ups for the past six months and now I’m trying to master the toes-to-bar and double-unders. That’s sweating, but it pays off!

Now I set my alarm for the early bird lesson at 6:30 am. That’s just as loud when the alarm goes off, but that smug, energized feeling for the rest of the day is unmatchable

A third important factor is that CrossFit really is an outlet for me. Although I really enjoy my job in Brussels, after such a long day on the train and behind my desk, I was a bit restless on my hunger. Now I set my alarm for the early bird lesson at 6:30 am. That’s just as loud when the alarm goes off, but that smug, energized feeling for the rest of the day is unmatchable. Then everyone is still yawning in the morning meeting, while I have already set a personal best.

Sweat together

Besides the physical benefits, it’s also just a really cool group of regulars and coaches. Suffering together, that creates a bond! Due to my lack of eye-hand coordination, I always thought that group sports were not for me. Until I found that same group feeling within the CrossFit Moves. During a workout I am mainly my own biggest competition, but the fact that there is also a lot of sweat left and right of me helps. Because of that solidarity you don’t give up, but you give the best of yourself.

The team workouts at the weekend, I look forward to that all week. There is no motivation as strong as not wanting to be inferior to your partner-in-WOD! Whether it’s my sister, my boyfriend, a CrossFit regular I train with more often, or a new CrossFit athlete. And when someone of a similar level hangs 5 kilos heavier on her bar for the workout, it motivates me to try that too. Then I can walk back from a workout and think, I got stronger today!

Contagious energy

That workout partner has been my friend for six months now. He always saw me coming back from a workout full of energy and endorphins and decided that he should test that too. Now we set our alarm clock together at the weekend for a solid workout, and we catch each other doing CrossFit jokes at the table. Wonderful to be able to share your passion with your partner and to become both healthier and more energetic as well.

2 years ago I would never have believed you if you told me I would clean-and-jerk 50 kilos; that I would almost like burpees; and already sure that together with my sister I would win the scaled division of the CrossFit Moves Summer Games (all credit to my inexhaustible sister for this!). Recently I had to show the gentlemen how to lift a washing machine during a move. Then I do a happy dance internally. I never thought I’d be a CrossFit addict. But I wouldn’t want it any other way! Stepping into the CrossFit Moves box, that’s really coming home a bit now.

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