Nele’s story

Nele’s story

Two years ago, just before the summer holidays, I became acquainted with CrossFit Lividum in Herentals. After a hesitant trial lesson, I enthusiastically prepared for a second lesson with stiff buttocks (My first lesson? Squats squats squats!).

Soon I was there four times a week on the sidewalk. Wake up in the morning to go jogging to get the stiffness out of my legs and ready again in the evening to learn as much as possible. It was addictive.

After this sporty summer, it was time to return to Leuven with new energy to complete my studies. Because I was in a student room and didn’t commute, I had to look for a new box. Because no longer being able to participate in a CrossFit training, that was not an option. That’s how I ended up at CrossFit Leuven. Another scary community where I got to know a lot of people. Soon this new hobby also changed my way of life. I made time for myself in a different way. I felt healthier and fitter than ever.

Discovering CrossFit meant so much more to me than trying a new sport. I spent my teenage years in a difficult home situation. My mother’s whims forced me to move to my grandmother’s. I felt quite lost. Just then I was introduced to CrossFit. It became an outlet. Over time, arriving in the box even felt like ‘coming home’, a feeling I had missed for a long time. Even when my mother finally decided to take her own life, CrossFit helped me a lot to deal with this blow. I was taken care of by the members and during the lessons I could take my mind off things.

Now, two years later, I am even more enthusiastic about the sport if possible. Not only did CrossFit give me a fun hobby, it also allowed me to meet a lot of amazing people and eventually my boyfriend, Tom. (On our first date we agreed to watch the CrossFit Invitational together 🙂 ) Meeting him became the ultimate definition of happiness for me. As they say, “A match made in heaven.” 🙂 We plan a lot of our free time in function of the training sessions. And when we have a rest day, we often go to watch matches. When we went on a trip to Italy, for example, we first looked for a CrossFit box near Lake Garda, and only then recorded our whereabouts. This way we could continue training during our holiday and we got to know a few locals.

Tom and I bought a nice apartment in Deurne together, and that’s how I ended up at our CrossFit Moves. Here too, the practice and learning continues. For example, since I joined here I did my first kipping pull-up!! *proud* 🙂 CrossFit Moves is a box with a super fun atmosphere, top coaches and great members. I therefore experience it as very valuable that I can be part of this.

Do you want to be bitten by the CrossFit bug? Register now for a free trial lesson. See you soon!