Lore’s story

Lore’s story

Let me introduce myself: I am Lore Vanmarcke: volleyball player, teacher, 25 years old and living together in Antwerp with my wonderful love Stef Brys. We have been a member of CrossFit Moves since May 16, 2018. Before I started I thought: “CrossFit is not for me…” But now, 5 months later, me and my boyfriend have lost 20 kg (!) together!

Do you want to know how we lost 20 kg together in 5 months with CrossFit and nutritional advice from Marlies van EatGoodFeelGood? And do you want to know why I now love CrossFit so much and I can hardly live without it? Then read my story.

That moment when you have gained 20 kilos together

On a beautiful spring day in February 2018, my boyfriend and I moved in together in Deurne. Every weekend still fully engaged in our volleyball season and enjoying living together we started our adventure. After several weeks of cooking for and with, we thought we were doing healthy…

However, we came to the conclusion that not only love but also a few pounds had been added with living together. Our volleyball season came to an end and we decided not to gain weight like the cliché of just living together, but to go through life healthier and fitter.

Stef came up with the idea to visit Marlies (EatGoodFeelGood) and so make an appointment with Marlies. With her we told our story, we received our first information and our first fitness measurement. If Marlies had said that in 5 months we would have 20 kilos less fat… I would have declared them crazy!

After a difficult day, you don’t have to drag yourself to the gym, you don’t have to stand there for hours suffering, but you can give everything for an hour in a CrossFit box and you will get your energy back with baking.

“Not for me, a CrossFit workout” I thought. Until I tried…

After our second appointment, we came out of Marlies’ office and saw several people suffering during a CrossFit session. In my mind: “Phew… CrossFit, that’s not for me. So what about throwing weights and then become a bodybuilder, surely? Nope, nothing for me.”

My friend, on the other hand, was very excited and said we could give it a try.

Our volleyball season came to an end anyway and we were able to do this sport together.

I am open to many things and thought: “It can’t hurt to try it once.” Not realizing that I was going to get the CrossFit bacteria and couldn’t do without it anymore. 🙂

My first experience with CrossFit

Starting a CrossFit training with a broom handle and PU tube while the others were doing exercises with a weight bar and discs, suffering hard for half an hour with a WOD, … Yes it was fun, much more fun than I thought and had it also misjudged.

We didn’t start throwing crazy weights (we started with a PU tube as weight), there were no crazy bodybuilders present, everyone was enthusiastic, there was a great guidance to coaches, … in short, no disadvantages and great fun!

Why we decided to subscribe

Both my boyfriend and I had found a new sport and signed up for a subscription. After a few weeks we started with more weight and everything got better every time. You really see yourself growing, getting stronger and faster.

You spend an hour per session: warming up, WOD and strength part. Ideal to combine with a busy life and another sport such as our volleyball. Meanwhile, CrossFit would be indispensable for us.

After a difficult day, you don’t have to drag yourself to the gym, you don’t have to stand there for hours suffering, but you can give everything for an hour in a CrossFit box and you will get your energy back with baking.

The reasons why we keep choosing CrossFit training!

I myself notice a great difference in my game of volleyball. Last season I was very tired after a match, I didn’t jump that high and I didn’t think I could attack that hard. But now I can attack hard, I do jump high, I block other attackers hard and I’m not tired after a match (even a match of 5 sets). Really and truly!

And if you don’t believe me, you should try it yourself and visit CrossFit Moves 😉 And why CrossFit Moves?

  • A nice bunch of members
  • Great and funny coaches who assist you if something is not clear and guide you at everyone’s level (from beginner to advanced)
  • Marlies’ nutritional coaching from EatGoodFeelGood helps you reach your goal
  • The CrossFit dog Q (too cute & sweet for words)
  • The cleanest box in the city!Voor alles: een DIKKE MERCI!
Do you want to be bitten by the CrossFit bug? Register now for a free trial lesson. See you soon!