Lilia’s story

Lilia’s story

Member of the month Lilia Robles at CrossFit Moves

Lilia has been interested in CrossFit for a long time, but she only began when she started her studies. She is currently abroad due to her studies and she was looking for a sport that could take her to different countries. That’s why she chose CrossFit. Read Lilia’s story here.

I have been practicing rhythmic gymnastics since I was four. On top of that, I have already tried different sports such as athletics, volleyball or rugby. But gymnastics is my favorite sport because it is a very complex sport. It requires mobility, technique, team spirit, mental toughness and much more. CrossFit is very different from other sports I have tried. And with CrossFit I have rediscovered all these qualities. It gives me a lot of motivation and support that we can train with people of all levels and ages in one hour of lessons.

I chose CrossFit Moves because I felt very welcome since my first trial lesson. It is a close-knit community of like-minded people.

It is also a huge plus that all coaches can teach in English. I don’t have precise goals regarding my health. I just try to stay fit and exercise on a regular basis. CrossFit Moves clearly helps me achieve these goals. The programming is really well thought out and if you come several times a week you are sure that you have been able to train all parts of the body.

CrossFit is about challenges. There are complex movements, but there are always variations and options to scale. I look at it as a game and to get better I always have to reach a certain level. Sometimes it takes time, motivation and discipline, but it is part of the game and the quality coaching certainly helps me with this.

This winter I took a cold dip in a swimming pond with other members. The water was barely 2 degrees and you could see the ice floating. This was the first time and actually a milestone. I don’t know if I would have done it without the motivation of other members. It was a very nice and exceptional moment to share with each other.

My favorite workout is one that tests your mental toughness. One where you must be able to push yourself to the limit and push your limits.

I would like to continue training as much as possible to unlock all the moves. My ultimate goal is to perform all exercises RX. I am still a long way from this at the moment, but this is a challenge that I definitely want to take on.

To other people I would say: go for it! There are so many benefits to practicing CrossFit. And anyone can start with it.

Do you want to be bitten by the CrossFit bug? Register now for a free trial lesson. See you soon!