Joeri’s story

Joeri’s story

Two years ago I discovered CrossFit. It was not the nicest time in my life. I was recovering from a burnout and my self-esteem had dropped to the lowest level ever. I think I can admit that CrossFit saved my life. I was challenged to push my physical and mental limits.

Every rep counts

The variation in training provided a constant incentive to keep going. In addition to the physical benefits, I quickly experienced the mental power of CrossFit. “A rep is a rep,” which the coach repeatedly shouts at us, challenged me to take a step every day. It was also during that period that I started working in a psychiatric center where I work with people who suffer from addiction.
When a WOD is hard on me, I often think of my clients in the clinic. How they also fight every day to take that one step. ‘Every day a little better’ has become my philosophy.
I don’t have to tell any “Mover” that CrossFit has many physical benefits. I have become slimmer. At the age of forty I am stronger than a young twenty-something and my health is great! In addition to the PRs, the number of rounds in an AMRAP and the number of workouts in a week, I also count my mental gains. CrossFit makes me a better person.

Our box is a family

Regular slogging and sweating in the box gives me more focus, a daily goal and keeps me in balance. I have learned to respect my physical and psychological limits, but also to challenge them. In addition, our CrossFit family is a close-knit community. I am currently reading a book about new rituality in which the author describes CrossFit as a community sport. He’s right, all Movers will confirm. Our box is a family in which everyone is welcome. RX or scaled, it doesn’t matter. It is precisely that mindset that has helped me to accept myself and has boosted my self-image. I’m not an RX’er but among the scalers I’m a crack 🙂

Today 1% better than yesterday

Lately I notice that my environment also experiences the benefits of CrossFit. In my work with people with psychological vulnerabilities, the CrossFit philosophy seems to be working. My assignment in the clinic is to look for what drives a person, what gives strength and courage, to give words to the undercurrent of our lives. I often tell about my own experiences with CrossFit. Recently, a client testified about a recent relapse. He had found new strength to get up again, because I had taught him: “A rep is a rep”, “never skip twice”, “today 1% better than yesterday”. He knows better than I: don’t rest when you’re on the floor, but get up and move on.
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