Jesse’s story

Jesse’s story

I started CrossFit as an outlet. As an athlete I needed something where I could put all my energy into, where I was challenged to always give the best of myself. I found that in CrossFit, but it’s more than just some exercise!

I quickly discovered that there is a close-knit community at CrossFit Moves. It doesn’t matter what you look like, who you are, how old you are, what your past is or what your body can or cannot handle,… It’s a sport with very diverse people. I was certainly not the odd one out, which I often experience as a colored person.

CrossFit is all about the group feeling. Everyone at CrossFit Moves helps you to give the best of yourself every time. Set new goals and achieve great performances in a healthy and sporty way. CrossFit Moves is a club after my heart where I feel very much at home. Because I experience that being different is very normal. It is an asset to inspire others and yourself and thus strengthen yourself on both a physical and mental level.

Whether you are a starting or experienced CrossFit athlete, everyone at CrossFit Moves helps you to give the best of yourself every time!

CrossFit is a wonderful sport with tough challenges. The combination of sports disciplines and variation in exercises keeps everyone motivated in a fun way. Whether you are a novice or experienced CrossFit athlete, there is something for everyone. Even if you just want to be healthy and are not necessarily concerned with high scores or heavy weights.

CrossFit is simply a fun sport to practice. It looks spectacular, whatever it is?. You give the maximum of yourself every time, but with the top coaches at CrossFit Moves everyone is in safe hands. They ensure that the exercises are performed safely and correctly. And that everyone quickly feels at home.

Check out the nice video clip in case I haven’t convinced you yet! Enjoy watching and I would say see you soon at the CrossFit Moves family!


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