Jelle’s story

Jelle’s story

Before I started exercising I weighed 85 kg and had a fat percentage of more than 20%. I didn’t feel good about myself and I thought to myself: “I have to do something about this…” When I have something in my head, I start it the day itself and give it my 100% .

From that moment on I started working out on my own, but I got tired of this very quickly, so it was time for something else. I went running and did strength exercises with my own weights. This gave satisfaction for a while, but it soon felt too monotonous, so I couldn’t keep it up for long either.

I had to find a team sport with a lot of variety. I discovered CrossFit via Youtube and after some online searching I ended up at CrossFit Moves. A free trial lesson soon followed. After the trial lesson I had a good taste. The variation in exercises, the nice atmosphere in the box and the good guidance from the coaches immediately persuaded me to take out a subscription.

The benefits of CrossFit in combination with nutritional advice

After a few months of CrossFit, I also wanted to change my diet and habits. I came into contact with Marlies Huysentruyt from Eat Good Feel Good. She gave me an adapted diet plan with numerous options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The variation in exercises, the nice atmosphere in the box and the good guidance from the coaches convinced me immediately

The good thing about this is that you have something to hold on to and that you can coordinate your sports performance and diet. Marlies is always there for you with advice. After a few weeks I started to feel better and I also noticed changes with small steps. After this I had a few follow-up consultations spread over several months and my result only got better. This kept motivating me to keep going until my goal was reached.

My goal was to reduce my fat percentage to 12%. I achieved my target after a period of 9 months through a lot of perseverance, intensive sports and building a healthy lifestyle. I currently have a body fat percentage of 10.8%. This proves that anyone with the right support and motivation can achieve their goal.

Do you want to be bitten by the CrossFit bug? Register now for a free trial lesson. See you soon!