Gilles’s story

Gilles’s story

Van Hesp to Hunk is a 10 week project by Eat Good Feel Good in collaboration with CrossFit Moves. The target? Healthy weight loss and progressive adjustment of your eating habits. Below you can read the story of our member Gilles.

He talks about the role CrossFit plays in his life and shares his results from our most recent “Van Hesp Naar Hunk” event.

How I Discovered CrossFit

I was never a big sports person as a child, teen and twenties. But one day the itch started. The desire to have more energy and to feel fitter every day. After some Googling I came across CrossFit.

The concept is as simple as it is all-encompassing: Power, speed and agility? I want it all! ? Soon I had tinkered with my own home gym and tried to perform the WODs I found online, on my own. And that’s where it went wrong. Motivation disappeared…

That’s how CrossFit Moves came into the picture

I discovered CrossFit Moves a good 2 years ago. Booked a trial lesson, with some hesitation, as I thought I was entering the realm of the demigods as a humble mortal. Tom Craenhals gave me a warm welcome, guided me around the box and gave me explanations and coaching during every (usually scaled) exercise.

Come on, annual subscription! Two years later I am still an ardent fan. I do my best to go 3 times a week but I take it as it comes. The WODs remain a challenge. You meet and push your own limits every time. And if you don’t do it, the coach will do it for you. (For which thanks coaches!)

Strength, speed, agility, they’re starting to come. No shortcuts, just keep going, rep after rep. But actually the WODs are not the real reason why I’m such a fan of CrossFit® Moves.

Hard work and genuine enjoyment: why I’m a fan of CrossFit Moves

The real reason why I look forward to stepping through the door of CrossFit Moves every time is because of the other CrossFit athletes. Each WOD, each of us leaves our worries at the door for an hour, gives our best, and we’re all equally devastated and satisfied as we exchange high fives and fist bumps. No masks, no show-offs, no fake stuff, just hard-earned sweat and sincere smiles.

My result with “Van Hesp to Hunk”

Three months ago I also participated in the “Van Hesp Naar Hunk” challenge that Eat Good Feel Good organized within the CrossFit box. Me and 9 other athletes took on the challenge together, under the guidance of Marlies, to adjust our eating habits for 10 weeks and to make our body even fitter.

The physical result:

  • 6 kg of fat gone
  • dropped below 10% fat percentage and in the meantime remained so
  • without losing a gram of muscle

At least as overwhelming was the mental result:

  • more energy
  • more focus
  • more zen

Eat Good Feel Good couldn’t have chosen a better name, because it makes perfect sense. I have no idea what my next challenges will be with CrossFit® Moves, they will surely come, but in the meantime my gym bag is always in the trunk and every day I look forward to the next time I step through that metal door, ready for the next WOD.

Do you want to be bitten by the CrossFit bug? Register now for a free trial lesson. See you soon!