Ellen’s story

Ellen’s story

When I got to know CrossFit, I could never have imagined that I would still be doing it after 7 years. When at the opening of CrossFit Antwerp a friend asked me to try out the (then unknown in Belgium) sport, I thought: why not? From the first lesson I was sold.

A little sidenote: as a teenager I hated sports. Now I schedule my regular CrossFit sessions every week as if it’s always been that way. After a number of wanderings along other CrossFit boxes, I ended up at “de Moves”, a super cool box with top coaches and a pleasant atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

I have learned so much already and am still learning. Persevere learning, doing things you never thought you could and meeting likeable people are just a few of the reasons why I do CrossFit and hopefully can do it for a long time to come. I always try to convince everyone to join a lesson?

Not only do I feel better in my skin, but you can also completely relax and clear your mind during a lesson. And afterwards you feel like you can take on the whole world!

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