Christel’s story

Christel’s story

Why do people do CrossFit? What does it mean to them, to what extent does it affect their lives, what do they hope to achieve with it, how long have they been doing it,… a lot of questions that each of us can answer for ourselves, but we are all a bit curious to the experiences of our fellow members.

Below you can read the story of Christel, a nice, cheerful lady who has been a member of our gym for more than four years and who comes to do a WOD three to four times a week with great enthusiasm.

I learned about CrossFit through a television program. Immediately sent an email and I was allowed to come. I left for my first CrossFit trial lesson thinking that there will be half bodybuilders walking around there, but to my surprise there were more women than men training.

The first lesson you are of course spared a bit, but the guidance and explanation were great, you were not pushed to go heavy and it was seen how far you could go and that technically everything was performed correctly. I loved it, heavy but great.

The first few weeks you have muscle pain in places you didn’t even know you had muscles there, but that gets better, your body adapts quickly. At CrossFit the term counts: ‘love it or hate it’ and I loved it! I was sold.

I’ve been working for four years now and the advantage of CrossFit is that you will push your limits, you always want to try that little bit heavier and you notice that you also make rapid progress. You automatically start paying attention to your food, eat healthier, you become tighter, more flexible and stronger and that gives you a great feeling.

I come to train three to four times a week with great pleasure and hope to do it for a long time. Every lesson is hard work, but that is precisely what we all come for, so that afterwards you can say: ‘I did it again’ and you go home tired, but with a great feeling.

CrossFit is an addiction!”

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