Bert’s story

Bert’s story

The man who never gets tired and for whom no effort is too much. CrossFit is a daily activity for him and it changed his life forever. Despite severe calf injuries to both legs during his former career as a competitive water skier, he has put in great performances in the Masters division in numerous CrossFit throwdowns. Keep on going Jerommeke!

In December 2014 I wanted to start working out again and I came into contact with CrossFit through someone who recommended it to me. I was 45 years old at that time. I had no idea at all what CrossFit was, I took my first trial lesson and before I knew it I was at CrossFit Moves three days a week.

In the summer of 2015 that followed, the Antwerp Throwdown was held. I participated in a qualifier for the first time. I was just 6 months old at the time, but I was already going to CrossFit Moves 5 days a week. I entered the RX division in good spirits and I will never forget that it took me 13 minutes to do 100 double-unders and I wasn’t there yet… Many didn’t know at the time that I had a torn foot in both feet. have an Achilles tendon.

Since the Antwerp Throwdown, my interest in competitions also grew and I started training 7/7. A year later in 2016, I enrolled again. I finished in the top 25 and that fall I also started to focus on extra strength training. That fall I entered the Masters Throwdown for the first time, a competition for the over 40s (yes, I was already over 40 when I started CrossFit).

With the help of the supporters I blasted through and even did 70 double-unders in 3 minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

With the Master Throwdown in 2017 I got my first real competition experience with a bit of luck. It was an exciting first match! And with the help of the supporters, I got through it. I even did 70 double-unders in 3 minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I took 11th place in that competition! In the spring of 2018 my second competition was coming up with a 10th place as a result. During that match I even managed to do my pistol squats! All this with only 4 years of CrossFit experience and at the age of 48!

How does CrossFit help in my day-to-day life?

Apart from all those fantastic sports performances, you might wonder: How does this help in daily life and for your work? My work as a self-employed electrician requires quite a bit of physical effort. Since I practice CrossFit this goes so much smoother and better than before. Even after a long and hard working day, the evening WOD can still be added. Moreover, I still seem to have enough energy left.

My torn Achilles tendon in both feet prevented me from standing on my toes for years. Standing on one leg was also anything but easy. Today this is going a lot better and all thanks to CrossFit. It all takes a lot of effort and perseverance. Nutrition also plays an important role in CrossFit.

I hope I can be an inspiration. If they asked me 4 years ago if I could do all this I would say: “Are you crazy?!” But with the necessary effort and dedication you can achieve much more than you sometimes dare to dream. The fantastic guidance of the coaches and nutritionists ensures that you can achieve every goal. CrossFit Moves is a close-knit group and you feel at home very quickly!

Do you want to be bitten by the CrossFit bug? Register now for a free trial lesson. See you soon!