Bart & Annabel’s story

Bart & Annabel’s story

Skeptical about CrossFit at first. Now almost veterans in our CrossFit box. Fitter than in their 20s and stronger as a couple. Below is the story of our members Bart and Annabel.

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Bart’s story

Before I started CrossFit, I had been inactive for a while in terms of sports. Annabel had already told me about CrossFit, but to be honest I didn’t listen to it. cross fit? What is that?!

Some Jane Fonda in the front doing jumping jacks to disco music and everyone joins in!? No, thank you.

Some time later, however, I realized that I had to do something in order not to get stuck and in the meantime I also had a better idea of what CrossFit actually is, so we decided to do a trial lesson.

From that moment on I was sold. This is for me! The combination of strength training and cardio works very well, and makes everything fun. Don’t think about ‘do I feel like doing this or that exercise’, just do it!

Not only the fun exercises are discussed, but also the less fun ones (read: your weaknesses) and the two are so randomly programmed together that you still work on everything. The fact that you suffer individually, but then together with others, creates a connection among each other and that makes CrossFit just as special.

We’ve been doing CrossFit for 2.5 years now and I’ve gotten a lot stronger, I’m fitter than in my 20’s, I can sometimes catch an RX (finishing the workout at the advanced level) and I still see the challenge and the growth opportunities for myself.

However, when walking I still hang behind… but we are working on it  😉

Annabel’s story

I have always loved sports and I like to move a lot. I do my daily commute by bike (20 km / day) and I have always walked a lot. I was training for my first marathon about 4 years ago, had already successfully completed a few 10 miles and a half marathon.

But I am very injury prone. My tibia membrane inflames easily and after a stress fracture in a foot bone I had to resign myself to the fact that walking is too heavy and too monotonous for my body.

After that I started practicing yoga intensively. Very good against injuries and very gentle on the body. At first it went well and it was sufficient, but in the end it turned out to be too soft. After a while it couldn’t satisfy my hunger anymore.

In the meantime I could have convinced Bart to give CrossFit a try and voila, we both immediately clicked. I like the power of CrossFit. This is for women with balls. If you’re worried about your nail polish and haircut, you’re going to have a hard time here. I love the fact that you can prove to yourself that you can do more than you thought, and that you are stronger than you think. Not only physically, but also mentally.

If you’re worried about your nail polish and haircut, you’re going to have a hard time here.

Yes, your tongue hangs on the floor after the third round, but you know you’ll get rid of it soon, so come on, those last 2 rounds can also be added. Just keep going, finishing piece by piece. You’ll get there eventually. And sure enough: you have continued and it gives great satisfaction when you are puffing out after the workout, but realize that you have given everything, and you have once again amazed yourself with perseverance and mental strength.

The physical strength, that comes automatically, of course. And that is also very nice to follow. In the field of Olympic weightlifting, but also, for example, a simple pull-up or nice and tight pumping without using the knees are small goals where you still see progress every month.

It makes me happy and proud of what I can do, both physically and mentally. Another absolute plus as a couple is that Bart and I can practice this hobby and sport together. No separate lessons for men/women or beginners/advanced. We do the same thing at the same time, but with different weights, adapted to our physique.

We suffer together and feel equally heroic after a grueling workout, and that creates a bond not only with the other athletes, but also with each other. When is the next training?

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