Ann’s story

Ann’s story

Ann has been CrossFit for 4 years and recently completed the program “From Hesp to Hunk” by CrossFit Moves in collaboration with Marlies van Eat Good Feel Good. Her results?

  • Lose 10 kg of fat (and it stays off)
  • No more afternoon slumps at work
  • Physically and mentally stronger than the past 20 years
  • New mindset and sustainable eating habits

Below is Ann’s story.

How I Found CrossFit

I’ve always been sporty, jogging, badminton, …  But due to a tendinitis in my hip (no solution after physiotherapist, injections, …) I have been silent for 2 years. In addition, my life was turned upside down and I had to let go of my emotions. I had to exercise again, but what? I was tired of playing badminton and couldn’t take my mind off it.

And then I saw the broadcast of Karen Damen in the program “Perfect” who attended a CrossFit training. And yes, that looked like something to me… suffering and giving everything for an hour. And that same week I made an appointment for a trial lesson. And it was bliss… really hard suffering and not thinking about my worries for an hour.

I gladly accepted that I was stiff for 5 days ☺. And even after 3 weeks of CrossFit I had no pain in my hip at all!

It has helped me in so many ways: physically I became stronger, no more pain in my hip and mentally I also became stronger. I’ve been doing this for 4 years now and I still love doing it. The feeling you get after the WOD that you made it and pushed yourself further is just bliss.

Nutritional advice from Marlies

When I saw Marlies giving nutritional advice at CrossFit last year, this kept haunting me. Yes, I weigh a bit too much (I’m not fat, but I’m still wearing a suit), I would like to lose weight, but how? Would that really help that much? And do those kilos really stay off? Suddenly you could register for the challenge “Van Hesp Naar Hunk” (Following the Coppens brothers who took on the challenge of underpants model).

Yes, this is my chance. I just have to try this. It seemed like an interesting experiment to me. What can I expect from my body at 8 weeks? Tailor-made nutritional advice and in group, with check-ups every 2 weeks to keep me on the right track. And with a small heart I signed up.

I went to the first appointment without a real goal (I wanted to lose about 4 kg), but Marlies had suddenly set the bar low. No less than 7 kg of fat had to be removed. I was given a clear feeding schedule and that was going to be my foundation for the next 8 weeks.

The results

  • I learned to eat differently, to make choices, that you can still eat a lot of the right things and to sin now and then.
  • The kilos (pure fat) flew off and I felt more beautiful and stronger.
  • I also no longer had afternoon slumps at work.
  • And the group feeling also gave an extra stimulus. This way we could share joys and sorrows together.
  • In the end I lost 10 kg after 9 weeks and they stay off!!!
  • The nutrition schedule has been given a permanent place on the refrigerator and I have learned new habits. I even regret now that I didn’t do it sooner.

Literally life changing

It may sound corny, but CrossFit and nutrition counseling really changed my life. Not only am I now fitter and lighter than in the past 20 years, but it has ensured that I am both physically and mentally stronger in life. I’m a fan!

Do you want to be bitten by the CrossFit bug? Register now for a free trial lesson. See you soon!