6 tips for 2019 and the rest of your life

6 tips for 2019 and the rest of your life

2019 is fast approaching! High time for good intentions. Most people have the same good intention every year: “Start exercising more and get back fit….”

Unfortunately, only 8% of all people actually succeed in achieving their good intentions. So 92% of people don’t make it. Do you finally want to be part of that 8% next year who will achieve their good intentions in 2019? In other words: do you finally want to get fit again in 2019 and have more energy? Then read on.

Because we want to help you to be part of that 8%. By implementing the following 6 tips, you significantly increase the chance that you will achieve your intentions. Finished? Let’s dive right in:

Schedule your workouts in your agenda and commit to it!

Plan your workouts weeks in advance on your calendar. And important: “Commit to your agenda!” Plan your WODs in time. Once the WOD is in your agenda in Wodapp, you no longer have to worry about it. So when the new year starts, your agenda is long ready. All you have to do is make your sports bag and show up.

Be guided by a professional coach

Be guided by a professional coach. You can rely on our coaches to help you or give you a push. They are pros and they are trained to guide you safely. We also have a food coach in tha house. Why not make an appointment for a body scan? That can be a good start.

Don’t diet. Live differently

Don’t diet, but live differently. You can diet as much as you want, your yo-yo will always come back. That’s because for real long-term results you have to change your lifestyle. Make CrossFit and healthy eating really your new lifestyle. CrossFit and healthy food become a way of life. Direct your life towards it. You will notice that your brain will function better again, your fat burning will be optimized, you will become fitter, your blood values will improve. So you take control of your health again.

You subject your body to intermittent stimuli, that is to say: you step outside your comfort zone through interval training during the WOD, exposure to a cold training environment or a cold shower, occasional fasting and you therefore make it more resistant to diseases.

Give yourself at least 3 months and keep it up to get used to your new lifestyle

Give yourself enough time to try this new lifestyle 100% before you judge it. We recommend a 3 month subscription as a start. Important to know: it takes an average of 21 days to form a habit!

Surround yourself with positive people who have similar goals

Surround yourself with positive people who encourage you to keep up your good intentions. Let’s be honest: What environment is better than a CrossFit community that you come into contact with almost every day? The enthusiasm and commitment will pass over you like a virus and make it easier for you to maintain your new lifestyle (and difficult choices in the beginning).

Set realistic goals

Set realistic goals. There is nothing more fun than reaching your goal. Therefore let yourself be guided and informed by the (food) coaches. This way you can set challenging but achievable goals together, which you can also measure (e.g. through a body scan). Achieving your goals gives dopamine to the brain, which makes you more and longer motivated.

Choose now to be part of that 8%. We can help you with CrossFit and nutritional coaching to ensure that you will be part of that 8% of people who live up to their New Year’s resolutions next year! We want to help you get back in shape in a way that is fun and that you can keep going.

Come and meet us during a free trial lesson, which you can book for free on our website. P.S. Are you still looking for a good gift for the holidays and do you want to motivate someone to get fit again? Then give our CrossFit Moves & Eat Good Feel Good gift card.