Hans’s story

Hans’s story

The nice story of Hans, still clean-shaven in the photo, now with a seasoned beard. One of our oldest members, literally and figuratively, but those who finish a fitness WOD faster than him can be counted on one hand! A sportsman, but also an artist, if you get the chance, be sure to visit one of his exhibitions and see his beautiful paintings.

All major twists and turns in life are marinated in chance

Chance. My daughter – who helped put the fledgling Moves on the web – was offered an intro group lesson and took family and supporters to that crude cinematic slaughterhouse site, with the punching bags, no showers, walking through the empty halls, shouting “Yes” and a very loud soundtrack. Indoor sports, I had nothing to do with it, but you couldn’t seduce me any better.

Chance. I had just come out of a marathon and was in doubt. Go a little faster, a solid support schedule instead of a download program, and try to go under the cape of 3 hours. Six months later it turned out that my knee and another six months later my ankle, were worn out by decades of running. I had a prescription for an operation, but because of a friend and his problematic rehabilitation, I held off and asked Roel for advice: “As long as you don’t feel any pain, you keep going”. I stayed with CrossFit and did one more session. The pain in the knee disappeared. The ankle became stable again.

Meanwhile, the focus has shifted. It may go one day less. The essence of the exercises and knowing what I’m doing with my body has become more important than executioners. It keeps dying, but it’s accompanied and we enjoy it more. Sunday was added and I adjusted the ambition; Getting PRs when the planets align, muscle-up and hands-walking are not urgent. Continue to train CrossFit to the age class that does not yet exist. Until I can’t count anymore.

And so, Tom, why am I doing CrossFit. Because sometimes I forget that there are things to do after class. Because it’s the best way to give my head the necessary space – like you air out the bedroom after the night, because a person sweats a bit.

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