Everything you need to know about the Antwerp Throwdown

Everything you need to know about the Antwerp Throwdown

What is it? The Antwerp throwdown is a fantastic event, this year for 2 days, on August 20 and 21. We are now on the third edition. On day one the elite athletes compete for victory, on day two there is a scaled competition in which everyone can participate, encouraged by many supporters. In addition to the competitions that run from morning to evening, there is also fringe entertainment: food trucks, DJs, vendors with clothing accessories, and lots of fun people!

How does it work?

To qualify for the final you must first qualify. This is possible during the CrossFit Moves club championship on July 2. The WODs of the club championship are the same as those of the Antwerp Throwdown.

We arrange everything: the hall, equipment, judges: all you have to do is show up and blast the WOD! Afterwards there is a barbecue (burgers & dogs) and party: this is free for the participants of the qualifier (and 15 euros for the others).

Register yourself at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-antwerp-throwdown-2016-tickets-22593210902!

You can register until June 15!

As a starting CrossFit athlete, can I also participate?

Yes! In fact, you should participate! The exercises in the scaled WODs are accessible to everyone. During the competition you will notice what your strengths and weaknesses are. This can then be the basis to continue working and to develop further as a CrossFit® athlete!

Why should I participate?

To start with, it is good to have a goal as a sport that you can work towards in the coming weeks / months. The club championship and throwdown can be such a goal! Moreover, when you register you can win a wonderful prize: a new wardrobe, worth 1300 euros, donated by our main sponsor Reebok!

Finally, you can also do your box a favor by participating: the box that scores the most points on the qualifier will receive a check for 500 euros, donated by Crossmaxx, to purchase extra material!

How do I best prepare?

Joeri has taken into account the date of the club championship and throwdown when drawing up the programming for the next 6 weeks. Coming to train regularly (3 to 4 times a week), taking care of yourself and recovering well is the key to success!

Have fun during the preparation and… see you in the box!