5 reasons why working out at work is for everyone’s benefit

5 reasons why working out at work is for everyone’s benefit

  1. Colleagues who work out will be absent on average 20 days less over 4 years
  2. Sickness absence decreases on average from 9% to 2%
  3. Employees who exercise are on average 12.5% more productive
  4. It improves morale and cooperation among colleagues (Stress is likely to be lower among colleagues who practice sports)
  5. Employees are satisfied and more loyal when their company contributes to the reimbursement for a fitness subscription

“But why do we need this?” You may ask yourself…

Many Belgian companies have a health problem

The sportsmanship of our employees is in a dramatic state: they are doing more and more sedentary work, they hardly ever leave their PC and they don’t get enough exercise after work either. Less than a quarter regularly engage in physical activity. And that causes problems.

If the health and fitness of employees does not improve, health risks are lurking: poor fitness, stress, RSI, chronic disorders and increasing absenteeism. This also has consequences for your company… What if employees could exercise before, after or even during working hours?

Company fitness is an emerging trend among innovative companies in Belgium

What would that mean if the employer lent a hand to get people to exercise? Several studies have been done and we have listed the facts.

Benefits of sporting employees

  • In 4 years, employees who participate in sports will be absent on average no fewer than 20 days less
  • Due to sports, absenteeism decreases on average from 9% to 2%
  • Sport increases labor productivity on average by 12.5%
  • Sedentary employees benefit even more than average from regular exercise – so if you have an office with many sedentary employees, they will be absent even less and become even more productive
  • Stress symptoms decrease in employees who exercise, which improves general morale and their communication with colleagues runs more smoothly.

Stimulate corporate fitness

The most important result from research is that more than 50% of employees would like to see a reward in the form of (a discount on) a fitness subscription. Sports is something people like to do, but unfortunately many cannot make the time to go to the gym outside of work.

Their days are busy and filled with work, family and friends. All essential components for a healthy life. Sports then seem like a luxury for which one of those 3 has to be sacrificed. Smart companies understand this problem and help their employees become healthier, fitter and more productive by offering sports subscriptions, including during working hours.

At CrossFit Moves we have also welcomed several Flemish companies that have had their employees follow a CrossFit workout: Total Belgium SA, De Vlaamse Zwemfederatie, Royal Beerschot hockey club,…

CrossFit Moves offers CrossFit classes on location for companies

CrossFit Moves wants to lend a hand to companies and employees by offering tailor-made CrossFit classes during the day. In our Elite CrossFit Box at the Slachthuislaan in Antwerp or on location at companies. You can read all the information about this on our companies page.