@30X0 WTF?!

@30X0 WTF?!

Why are those strange numbers and letters on the whiteboard? Is that code language? A little explanation might be in order. We’re talking about “Tempo Training” here. Slow down your movement: avoid injuries and get stronger!

What does @30X0 mean?

The first number refers to the eccentric phase: if we use the example of a front squat, we mean the number of seconds it takes to sink to the lowest point of your squat. In a pull-up, this is the lowering to a stretched hang.

The second number indicates the transition from falling to rising. For the front squat, this is the number of seconds of pause in the down position, in this example 0 seconds.

The third number indicates the concentric phase or the number of seconds the rising phase of the lift lasts.

X indicates explosiveness: push the weight out as quickly as possible (of course this will often not work given the large number of kilograms, but striving for it is essential.

The fourth number indicates the number of seconds of pause at the top, end point of the lift. Example for the pull-up, this is the number of seconds chin above the bar. Always try to count at a rate of: twenty-one-twenty-two-twenty-three…