Sova steals gold

Sova steals gold

Sofie Van der Jonkheyd (32) and Eva Willemarck (33) 2 of our CrossFit coaches at CrossFit Moves, took first place at the Red Bull Spotlight in Brussels. They have carefully worked towards this event for months, with a strong result as a result. What a great example of teamwork and girl power! Congratulations team Sova!

Girlpower and teamwork, the two most beautiful things there are!

The team members had to take turns on the Assault Air Bike to generate energy and keep the spotlight on. Only then was the other teammate allowed to perform the grueling exercises.

In the end, they received points both for their average speed on the Assault Air Bike and for the series of exercises they had to perform. The intensive training clearly did not miss its target. Is this something for you? Sign up for a free trial lesson. Who knows, we might see you next year at the Red Bull Spotlight!

Go SOVA, Stay Gold!