Nutrition advice for the CrossFit Moves Winter Games 2019

Nutrition advice for the CrossFit Moves Winter Games 2019

Dear athletes, just a little while and it’s time, the start of the CrossFit Moves Winter Games 2019! So it’s high time to start thinking about your meals. What do you definitely need? Chips, cornflakes, milk, bicky burgers and coke. NOT SO!! What do you eat during the Winter Games? Below some wise advice from our food coach Marlies about what you should eat during a competition day:

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Wise advice from Nutrition coach Marlies

Make sure you drink enough water the day before. This has a direct and positive influence on your sports performance during the Winter Games.

It is best to eat a power breakfast 2 to 3 hours before the first workout. A power breakfast contains both carbohydrates, which provide the necessary energy, and proteins. The nutrition for our muscles. Healthy fats should also not be missing. Below are a few examples.

Banana oatmeal porridge
This oatmeal and banana breakfast porridge is a real sports breakfast. Mix in a scoop of protein powder and finish with a tablespoon of almond paste, a handful of nuts or coconut flakes.

Egg omelette
Prepare an omelet of 1 egg yolk and 2 to 3 egg whites. Add another half avocado for the healthy fats and a toasted slice of bread for your carbs.

You can also prepare a power smoothie with the following ingredients: one mango, a handful of spinach leaves and half an avocado. Be sure to add 2 scoops of protein powder and blend it with 300ml of water or plant-based milk. Do you want healthy fats with it? Then add half a teaspoon of coconut oil to your smoothie.

As mentioned earlier, it is also important to drink enough before and between workouts. In between you do well to mix water with one scoop of BCAA powder. You can find this on my webshop. You can also have a hydrating drink. This provides the necessary electrolytes so that the fluid balance is maintained. The BCAAs are important amino acids for the muscles.

Between workouts you also need to replenish energy and nourish your muscles. So make several small snacks. Below are some examples of well-composed snacks.

  • Paleo Bananabread. You can find the recipe on my blog
  • Rice with chicken and boiled or stewed vegetables. Preferably mix the vegetables into a kind of sauce.
  • Protein bars. These are for sale in the box during the Winter Games.
  • A protein shake of 250 ml water, 2 scoops protein powder and a banana.

If you need it, you can take some fast sugars just before a workout. That can be a piece of banana or a few Haribo candies. I always recommend testing everything beforehand. The ideal diet is different for everyone. The portions and times also depend on your own preference.

I wish you good luck!